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Eyco-Tech is an Electronic Cryptocurrency with blockchain technology. We plan to have a Cryptocurrency that is viable in more than one user case, We aim to introduce EYCO at a steady rate over the Coming Years to get more people informed about how Technology is progressing into a new Era where C, C++, Java, Php just to name a few are becoming at the forefront to creating this ingenious attitude in technological behavior. With the use of a Pure Pos System we aim to ensure we have a very energy efficient network in which users will only be required to have their wallet open in order for EYCO’s chain to progress further, there will be no need or tolerance for Proof Of Work Mining it cost’s way to much and in a world where we all wish to save the planet and our pockets that is not acceptable Nor too is the length of time taken to achieve transactions on major coins. Eyco is viable hence why we have thought about our decision to rule with Pure Pos over PoW with a estimated block time of 73 seconds all transactions should be complete within a short frame of time 219 seconds to be exact which seems sufficient enough for use on a daily basis within the eCommerce business infrastructure We have Bitcoins Creator to thank for a lot as without Him/Her/Them We would not be branching out across the world with ease Incorporating Countless Coins/Tokens to one day achieve the goal of becoming a stable currency that anybody in the world can use without dispersing half your information first. Secured with Secp256k1 and ECC.
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