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Description | Blockchain Agnostic Technology Incubator Adel is a technology incubator for blockchain innovation. Our community collaborates on ideas, and uses the AdelWiki™ to collectively create business plans. Members vote on projects and can become profit participates when they are launched. Expertise within the community brings mentoring, learning, and employment opportunities. Successful projects are re-invested for further growth, or issued as rewards to members. Adel is blockchain agnostic, and will harness the features of any open-ledger platform to showcase its potential. Our mission is to incubate projects that will positively change the world. Legal start date: 17.Mar.2017 adelphoi | Digital Currency for Adel Ecosystem Many virtual currencies are utility or equity tokens on their corresponding blockchains. The Adelphoi (ADL) coin is different, in that it uses a comprehensive process of Idea2Project incubation, to fuel its own ecosystem."
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